Bobbi Bowman
Yoga Instructor, 33


Moga is a mindset meditation and movement. Created to help you develop a stronger connection to God and people through achieving stillness. 


 After a near death experience, I survived but started having some strange bouts of PTSD. That night, one light literally saved my life. And if we learn how to access Gods light, we will be the means of helping save lives of those who are lost just like I was. Who knew meditation and learning to be still, would help me let go of the conditions I could not change by helping me connect to God and His love through meditation and movement. This became one of my saving graces on the road to healing. Through the darkness the Moga Movement was born. God only gives us challenges so we can become like Him, and in turn help others learn to pull through. Remember every single day we are evolving. Everyday is a good day to start fresh and build a better life. Everyday you have to live is a day you have to create change, to find joy, and to bless others along the way. Learn to love you in your mess, and make your life a message ❤️💕❤️