Youth Groups and Athletic Teams

"I got my PR time in my race following Moga" - Northridge High Student

"Not only did I perform better than I ever have at my race, this helped me let go of anxiety from school as well"

-Northridge high student

Mindset and visualization are everything when it comes to performing well. These same tools help alleviate anxiety and depression. Whether you are looking to help your team focus and perform at maximum capacity, or finding ways to develop the mental, and emotional health of the youth, sign up today for your session.

"This helped me to relax and let go of all the stress from my day. The anxiety of the unknown in the world was causing me a lot of stress and I was able to let go and focus on what I can control."

-Layton High

"I was having a hard time focussing at school after my sibling committed suicide, and I had to move away from my best friend. Life felt dark. After taking time to mediatate and visualize I was able to see how I could help other people and connect with people who have also had hard times. This is the best and most hopeful I've felt in a long time" -Weber High student

"I have testing anxiety. Learning to be still, focus, and visualize helped my memory, and it helped me be calm while taking my test. I passed and did really well!" - Weber High Student