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David O Mckay said that meditation is the most secret, most sacred door through which we pass into the presence of the Lord. One of our greatest capacities to know God, is quite simply to be still. But how do you quiet the mind? It was by the power of God's word he formed the earth, and there is power in the words you think and speak as well. After all, you are made after his image and likeness. Gain mastery over your mind by shutting out belief patters that are distracting you from your true identity.

 Gain mastery over your mind. Learn how to release unwanted thought patterns, get in alignment with the truth of who and whose you are, then powerfully create and live your life from there. If God is for you, quite literally nothing can be against you. When you come to know these truths, like the prophets of God, the very powers of hell will also be shaken in your presence, for forever. So rise up, and live truth, fearlessly.

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