Zero to  Hero Week One


The Core of You

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Day one-


Personal Declarations:

Turn on "The Fire Within" by audio machine. Then begin each morning by declaring out loud- 

"I belong to God, my family, community, and to the earth.  My life is needed here and I make a difference in the world."

"I am safe and I trust myself"


"Everything in my life is happening for me"

"I am able to let go of physical and emotional excess."

"I am grounded to truth."

"I am strong, open, courageous, peaceful, and filled with love at the core of my being. My presence impacts people everywhere  I go!"

"Because God is in me and with me, I belong everywhere I go. I am apart of the Connector."

"I connect easily and well with high quality people. I have meaningful relationships with friends and family that highly value me"

You can also record yourself with "The Fire Within" playing in the background-  and listen to it on days it's difficult to find motivation on your own.

Poses to Practice. Hold each pose for 3 sets of 5 breath each to gain the muscle needed to build a strong core for the rest of your yoga practice. Week one is the most challenging so buckle up and get used to the discomfort! You're growing!

Mountain Pose.png
Side Plank.png
Forward Fold.png
Locust Pose.png
Childs pose.png
Yoga in Nature

Day Two- 6:15 am and 7:30 am class

Poses to Practice Three sets. Downward Dog: hold for ten breath

 Knee to elbow ten times- hold it for three breath. 

Knee to opposite.png
Knee to elbow pose.png

Quick Tips to get  Grounded- 


-Clean up piles in  your house.

-Get rid of old things.

-Get a massage.

-Put your feet in grass, dirt, rocks, or even cement.

-Dry brush your body.

-Take a hike.

-Nature time.

-Go to hotsprings or hot tubbing.

-Take an Epsom  salt bath.

-Plant a garden or flowers.

-Find a tribe and take healthy risks.

-Remind yourself you do belong.

Power Circle.jpg

Day Three-


There are power in your words. Take time do create your circle of excellence and listen to these Christian Declarations to get your mindset into a powerful place. What matters most is that God's love can power through our bodies. It gives you capabilities above your natural self. Create and build a shielded picture of you with who you are at the core of you. 


Additional info: Discover the Power in words, and find hope in your life. There is an additional pre recorded zoom grounded flow here as well.


Take an hour of your day to discover the remarkable science of grounding yourself to Nature.