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Bobbi is certified yoga instructor with thousands of hours of experience,

(E-RYT) and studied health promotion and nutrition in college with a specialty in stress management and mind body wellness.

After owning a fitness center for six years she began to see a pattern amongst many. The imbalance of physical fitness, with mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness was so drastic, she knew she needed to adjust my priorities and begin teaching and mentoring more. 

Bobbi sold the gym and took a job for a health company traveling the country, and everywhere she went, stress and negative belief patterns were effecting 90% of people she conversed with.

90% of disease is stress induced. And all stress begins with a thought. Those thoughts impact your health in every single way.

Following that job, she was placed in opportunities to speak to thousands of youth. From the school systems, to athletic teams, and church groups. So many people were battling with stress and harmful belief patterns that were destroying their health. 

Between these experiences Moga Movement was created.

Moga is a system of mindset, meditation, and movement to achieve overall health, and reconnect with God, your family, community, and yourself.



Life is challenging. So is climbing mountains. If you don't have the right gear to go on a long adventure it makes it more difficult than necessary. When you are prepared, it becomes fun to go on adventures that require endurance.

Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are all so important to your progression in life. Our school system has given vocational skills to people but has failed in teaching emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Whatever your goals are, you will be given mentoring tools along with movement to help you achieve whatever you set out to do, and to become the master of your vessel. Life can't happen to you, when you happen to it. You can master your stress, achieve complete health, and totally transform your life.