The Moga Movement Teachers Vision and Personal Creed:

I am deeply connected to God. His love resides in my heart and others feel the warmth of heaven in my presence. I spread God’s goodness and light everywhere I go. People wake up from a deep sleep and find rest in their souls and passion to live as they apply principles of light into their lives. As I teach Moga- The healing powers of God flow through my words,  I am a partner with God in moving people from darkness into His light. I am confident in my ability to teach. I speak words that bring power into the lives of those I am called to influence. I am of great worth to God, my family, and my community as I labor with the One who gave me life. Perfect love from heaven has given me the spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. I am rooted and grounded to God’s truth. I take a stand for people to rise up, and live that truth fearlessly. I am able to feel my feelings, and digest them in a healthy way. I use all experiences in my life for good, and know that with God all things are possible and He turns every experience in my life into something beautiful. I reside in a state of power, and I allow my heart to give and receive love. I am filled with joy, peace and enlightenment.. I speak the truth confidently, and I have intuition and revelation come to my mind daily.. My eye of faith is strong and I can see beyond my current circumstances into the hope of a better life. I am a conduit of God’s love and light, and I am able to answer the prayers of the children of God as I continue to move and teach. I am a Moga teacher. I am a child of God. I am a friend and fellow laborer with Christ.

Flows for You

Listed are flows and playlists for your assistance in teaching.