Zero to Hero

Learn beginner poses all the way to advanced

Welcome to Zero to Hero! You will be  learning the basic poses, all the way to advanced. You will also be gaining mental, emotional, spiritual strength as you move your body, mind, and soul into a powerful place. This. six week  course is  $67.  Quick pay with  Venmo scan or click "sign up"  for more info.

Meditation Class


Online Zoom Class M.W.F. 6:15 AM and 7:30 AM MST
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Kristin, Zero to Hero Grad

After going through significant life changes and challenges, Zero to Hero not only helped me physically get strong, but it also helped me spiritually, mentally and emotionally feel able to handle the things that have been on my plate. I love challenging myself to do and try new things"



Janice, Zero To Hero Grad

NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!! When I started Zero to Hero and Bobbi said we would be learning how to do Crow, that was what I told myself! I was overweight, weak arms, and stiff wrists. It hurt my wrists to even do some of the plank poses she was having us do. I didn't believe Bobbi every time she PROMISED that I could do it. All I could think was "I believe these other girls can do it. They're younger, thinner, more flexible than I am. Bobbi has NO IDEA how much weight I will have to lose before my arms can hold my body. Plus, my belly fat is in the way!"

Guess what? I'm still overweight, and even though I've gained some strength and flexibility, I'm still weak.

I love this pose, mostly for what it represents for ME and the things I've learned in my journey to be able to do it. I'm learning to love ME and to have gratitude for the things my body can do. I let a lot of things get in my way in the past, but this here is proof that I can do whatever I set my mind to! I worked to do everything Bobbi asked me to do in preparation for this pose. I am BUILDING A FOUNDATION and I CHANGED MY MINDSET. I feel kinda like the bumblebee who's wings, according to the laws of physics, aren't even be adequate enough to be able to lift itself off the ground!


Kim, Zero to Hero Student

I started yoga, but had no idea how much really went into each pose! I cannot believe how strong I have become! I feel it when I'm getting out of my car, as I walk, when I'm playing with my grandkids. And when we are moving to the music, I feel so connected to heaven and the people around me. I love Zero to Hero!