Zero to  Hero Week Three



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Day Seven


Personal Declarations:

I have a changed heart that can feel, love, and embrace my life.

I find joy and the silver lining in all experiences  I encounter.

I am filled with wisdom and turned my life darkness into light.

God has taken the stony heart from my flesh and I have been given a heart of flesh, that can feel.

I love easily and accept love in my life willingly.

I accept myself and others.

I give compassion, empathy and encouragement to myself and other people on their life journey.

I give without expecting in return.


Poses to Practice. Hold each pose for 3 sets of 5 breath each to gain the muscle to hold your spine more straight,  and. to become  more mentally and emotionally open.

Bow Pose.png
Wild thing.png
Beach Deck

Day Eight 

Poses to Practice 

Camel Pose.png

Quick Tips to get Open:

Yoga Mat and Straps

Day Nine-

Feel to Heal

When you take time to be open, you can let go. When you let go you can get to a place where you can embrace what it means to feel. When you can feel, you can heal.


Additional info: 


Journal experience. Take a moment to be still. What has grief taught you about your ability to love? Listen to this song and journal your thoughts.