Zero to  Hero Week Four

Impressions and Expression

Quick Links


Day Ten


Personal Declarations:

My voice matters and I speak the truth with courage.

I express myself with clear intentions.

I am creative and follow through with my impressions

I am a powerful listener and communicator.


Poses to Practice. Hold each pose for 3 sets of 5 breath each to gain the muscle needed to build a strong core for the rest of your yoga practice. Week one is the most challenging so buckle up and get used to the discomfort! You're growing!

Locust Pose.png
Yoga in Nature

Day Eleven

Quick Tips to Strengthen your voice

-Practice Omms. "Aaaaaaauuuuuuuummmm".

-Write your thoughts on a paper and speak them to a tree

-Get a massage.

-Practice saying how you really feel.

-Use reflective listening with a friend.

Yoga at Home

Day Twelve

Speak, Hear, Do


For additional readings and practices, review PDF


There is power in the words you think and speak. Review Video


Review Poses and create a yoga flow with 5-7 poses in it!